Frequently Asked Questions
Why do I need Modafinil?
Modafinil is a game changer if you're not getting enough sleep. Its primary effects include inducing wakefulness, mental alertness and cognitive enhancement. Burning the midnight oil to get that project done? Modafinil can very well be the sidekick you're looking for. It is also used to help you stay awake during work hours if you have a work schedule that keeps you from having a normal sleep routine (shift work sleep disorder). Modafinil does not take the place of getting enough sleep. But it is what you need when the situation demands that you stay awake. Modafinil works by altering the natural chemicals (neurotransmitters) in the brain. Frequent users include:
  • Students who need to crack that test.
  • Office Folk who need to get that project done ASAP.
  • People struggling from sleep apnea.
  • Employees working the night shift
And many more...
What does Afinil Express offer?
We at Afinil Express primarily deal in Modafinil and Armodafinil products. Our best seller is the Modafinil brand Modalert® 200 manufactured by the prestigious Sun Pharmaceuticals Ltd. in India, whereas our current hot sellers in the Armodafinil range are Wakalert 150 by Sun Pharmaceuticals and Artvigil 150 manufactured by HAB Pharmaceuticals Ltd., also based in India. We only sell high quality FDA Approved Certified brands. No cheap generics here.
What makes Afinil Express unique?
It's all in the details... We use only direct manufacturer sourced genuine Modafinil products. At Afinil Express the customer is King. We believe in complete ease-of-use and user friendliness. We're the only Modafinil vendor that accepts VISA and MasterCard payments while offering full refunds, free international shipping, and ultra fast tracking for all orders. We use the best packaging available to ensure your items are safe and secure.
How safe is Afinil Express? How do you ensure Data Security?
We use dedicated and securely managed data encrypted servers, that ensure complete protection to your personal and payment details. We're living in times where data security and confidentiality is paramount and keeping you in mind, our website has been customised to ensure security against internal and external attacks. We believe in privacy and you can be assured that your data is safe with us. Afinil express does not and will not share your information with third parties/marketing agents or leak your information to any random database. Our payment processors have the same security mindset as ours and the payment pages are completely SSL certified and encrypted. Your safety is our responsibility.
Wanna get in touch?
24x7 at your beck and call, we right here for you [email protected] We endeavour to resolve your queries instantly, and our primary mode of communication is English. We request you to ensure that you keep us clear from that Junk Folder, to avoid missing us as a result of spam filters.
Do you sell only Modafinil?
We serve only and only quality Modafinil. We're here to keep you up and at your best when the time comes. We do not certify the genuineness of any other online pharmacy. Super-Charge your brain, that's our only call. We're keeping it simple.
What are your shipping charges?
Not a penny. It's free.
What mode of shipment do you use?
Express mail when you need that order quick (subject to destination). We use Registered Mail as well depending on your location.
Are signatures required to receive delivery or can they be waived?
Yes, all packages need to be signed for upon delivery. If you're not at home at the time then you'll be able to collect the item at your local post office.
Is it possible to have another person sign on my behalf?
Yes, upon home delivery. Please note that only you can pick it up from the post office with your id card if it's held there.
Does Afinil Express provide service through DHL,Fedex,UPS etc?
No, we only use authorised public post. As experienced by us throughout the years courier services don't work well with pharmaceutical shippers from India. We can assure better delivery by our current methods.
What country are the products shipped from?
Your order is dispatched immediately from India once the payment is credited.
How and when do you provide shipment tracking details?
You shall receive your tracking immediately on clearance of payment.
I need to track/trace by shipment?
You can track your orders on or
What course of action do i have in case my shipment is lost/destroyed/stolen in transit?
Every Afinil Express order is personally tracked by our dispatch managers and should there be any issues of package loss or theft, we will inform you immediately. These issues occur rarely but do not worry, we have your back. We provide full refunds on non delivery or at your option a free reshipment.
Can you ship directly to my PO box?
We definitely can. We advise to be aware of the signing procedures on receipt.
What type of Packaging do you use?
Our packaging is neat and discreet. Smooth unassuming white envelopes with dual bubble wrap linings inside to ensure complete protection to your Modafinil. Packing is made of high grade cardboard and has no mention of Modafinil or any other medications. We keep it on the down low.
What modes of payments do you accept?
We accept payments by credit card (VISA, MasterCard) and Bitcoin.
What is the procedure to initiate a Reshipment/Refund?
We issue refunds if any of the following events occur:
  • You receive the wrong product.
  • You receive damaged products.
  • The parcel is not delivered at all.
However if the parcels are not delivered if you are not available and remains undeliverable after multiple attempts, we cannot issue a refund.
Do I avail the 10% returning customer discount?
It's simple, all you have to do is use the order identification code of your previous order as a coupon code when you checkout. In case of any issues, feel free to contact us and we will sort it out for you.
How do I ensure my purchase remains confidential on my credit card statement?
Your purchase on Afinil Express will be seen on your statement as a discreet purchase entry in china. Our payment processing partners are stalwarts in their field and they ensure complete secrecy and security. Your credit data isn't stored or seen by any third party and your personal details are completely secure.
Will my credit card statement contain the nature of purchase made on this website?
It shall not. The payment entry on your card statement will be very discreet. We've got you covered here.
I am having issues getting my credit card payment cleared due to rejection from the bank?
Its a rare possibility that due to certain location based filters your bank is denying your card processing clearance. Its a rare issue but these hiccups do occur. We suggest you use a different card or save yourself a whole lot of cash by using bitcoins. Bitcoins are the future of secure online payments and they ensure confidentiality and safety. .
Are Modafinil and Armodafinil FDA Certified and Legally approved?
Modafinil is a legal and approved compound. It is available throughout the globe at pharmacies over the counter on presentation of a valid prescription.
What are the known benefits of modafinil?
The effects of Modafinil include:
  • Increased focus and mental agility.
  • Wakefulness and alertness.
  • Increased Efficiency and Productivity.
  • Cognitive enhancement.
  • Noticeable mood elevation.
  • Creative Enhancement in some cases
  • Eliminated Drowsiness
  • Increased Stamina
Modafinil Vs Armodafinil! Whats the difference?
To put is as simply as I can: Modafinil on its own contains two enantiomers. These are basically on-identical, mirror images of a particular molecule (think of your left and right hands as an example) which each have a different reaction once ingested. With Modafinil specifically, only one of the enantiomers (known as the r-enantiomer) is important for cognitive stimulation whilst the other half (known as the s-enantiomer) is thought to be useless Armodafinil as the compound consists only of the r-enantiomer (the one we love). You Armodafinil can be thought as a more focused concentrated form of Modafinil. However you must note that effects of both the compounds vary from person to person. And some people prefer Modafinil to Armodafinil.
Are Prodigal, Nuvigil, Modalert, Waklert the same?
Well these are the various brand names of Modafinil World over. They essentially have the same chemical composition as well as similar effects. However prices may differ from brand to brand. Modalert by Sun Pharma is one of the best Modafinil brands available in the world.
Sun Pharma Vs Hab Pharma! What to buy?
The difference is the size and scale of the two manufacturers. Whereas Sun Pharma is a Multi-Billion Dollar Pharma mammoth with manufacturing facilities all over the world, HAB is a smaller but yet potent company with great future prospects. The products of both these manufacturers are extremely effective, but modafinil connoisseurs have their brand loyalty. We offer free trials of both, so that you can be the judge of what suits you best.
Whats your take on the recommended dosages for Modafinil and Armodafinil?
Like many medications, the human body also develops resistance to modafinil over time, which means you need a larger dosage to have the same effect every time. We recommend first time users to consume smallers doses by dividing the pills into halves. We suggest starting with 50mg doses and gradually increasing the dose if the need arises. We also stock Modalert 100mg, which can be a great starting point.
What are the recommended consumption cycles for Modafinil and Armodafinil?
Modafinil can be consumed as and when required. However to ensure that your body does not develop resistance, do not consume modafinil for prolonged periods. We recommend cyclical consumption, based on equal periods of use and avoidance. For Example: 1 week of use followed by a week without it. Please note that the human body requires sufficient sleep to function correctly and Modafinil is not a substitute for sleep.
Can persons with Lactose/Gluten related allergies consume Modafinil?
It depends on how severe your allergy is. Our products may contain small extracts of gluten and lactose in the binding agent and hence we advise to verify the severity of your allergy.
I need more information on the side effects of Modafinil.
We cover the side effects of Modafinil in-depth on Modafinil side effects page.
Is it safe to use modafinil with other medications?
We're not qualified to comment on medical topics. Please consult a doctor or ask the friendly people over at Another Modafinil user might be able to answer the question for you.
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