Submitted by ROH on December, 20th 2016
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Roh and the Gang
Delays with USA shipments
Submitted by ROH on December, 7th 2016
My Lovely Friends...
Lately there's been a lot of conjecture and discussion on the current delay in shipments from India to the USA. We like all other websites have received various complaints of shipments only showing the "Origin Preparing Shipment" status... I would like to clear the air about this once and for all... Yes the US port is experiencing delays since the end of October resulting in shipments showing no movements at all. On conducting a thorough investigation with our shippers in liaison with the post...We've found out that the delay is actually on the US Port end. All our customers shipments have been shipped on the very same day we received the orders, however the shipments are still awaiting entry into the US Port offices for processing and clearance. Our shippers are in constant touch with the Indian Postal Authorities and the USPS as well. We've come across sufficient evidence from the USPS end that the hold is on their end. This is a result of Ground Staff Shortages due to excess load of incoming shipments in this holiday season and the current weather in the USA is not allowing smooth operations. This is a temporary situation and they US authorities are currently working on getting pending batches cleared as I write this.
We have also come across various discussions on reddit and elsewhere calling us scamsters and what not. Firstly, I request our customers that if you ever have an issue with the shipment, the delivery and the service please contact us on [email protected]... We always reply within 18 hours and we're always happy to help you with whatever your issue is. We've reshipped most of the shipments that were delayed due the above mentioned issues and refunded many of the orders as promised as well. I would like to reiterate that this issue isn't particular to Afinilexpress, it is an issue hampering all shipments From India. All the Modafinil vendors shipping from India have been affected. Our competitors are trying to tag us as scamsters when they themselves aren't currently able to ship successfully from India due to the current issue. We have made refunds whenever our customers have claimed them and we have reshipped many shipments without question. Our business integrity remains the same and we aim to provide the best possible quality of services.
We've been assured by the Indian Postal Authorities that the current pending backlog will be cleared by the US Postal Services within the next 2 days. If you're facing the USPS delay on any of your orders shipped by us beyond the above mentioned couple of days, let us know and we'll have it reshipped asap.
We've given our hearts and souls to this business and we're in it for the long haul.....
Roh and the Gang
Submitted by ROH on September, 28th 2016
Hello to you my friends, Just like newborn babies, our baby afinilexpress is experiencing certain teething problems with the Credit Card Processing. We apologise for the inconvenience cause to the many of you and we assure you that our team of professionals is working on getting these issues ironed out. The primary cause of this mishap is the Credit Card providers(Banks) blocking the transactions for security reasons, since they originate outside your location. Its a common issue and can be easily resolved by you contacting the credit card customer care and asking them to release the restrictions. It would be even better if you try opting for payments by bitcoins. Its clean, convenient and devoid of these issues. We apologise unconditionally to everyone who’s had issues getting their transactions through. We hope to have you all onboard soon and endeavour to serve you now and always.
With Love,
All aboard the Afinil Express!!!
Submitted by Team AfeX on September, 27th 2016.
Greetings One and All, We've finally commenced our journey in the Modafinil Shipping domain with Afinil Express. We're all set to go... Serving your Modafinil needs one smile at a time. It gives us immense pleasure to welcome you Modafinil connoisseurs aboard the Afinil Express. We guarantee quality products at competitive rates and express delivery. As a mark of our welcome and appreciation, we're offering all our customers a flat 10% discount on all your orders. The discounted rates can be applied by using the discount code " AFEXCHECKIN " on your check out once you've completed the ordering process.
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